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Sede da Lotas Comércio Exterior Edficio Palácio 5ª Avenida

LOTAS BRASIL was founded by businessman Abdel Wahab Mansour in 1979 with the aim of integrating the Brazilian market with the Egyptian and African markets. Lotas Foreign Trade/ Egypt partner was established in Egypt in 1985 to work in close collaboration with LOTAS BRASIL AND AFRICA.

The Egyptian cotton Giza of long and extra long fiber, recognized throughout the world as a noble product, surpasses the other varieties of cotton in Brazil and in other countries of medium and short fiber.

Thin textile articles of high titration above Ne 50 to Ne 200 are produced from long and extra long fiber offering superior strength and durability other varieties.
The derivatives of the Egyptian fiber are the chief car of Lotas in Brazil. Lotas agencies renowned Egyptian state and private textile companies in the global market.

While an intermediate representation of business between companies in a commissioned manner, a trading can do import or export itself, and has the possibility to directly explore the markets with its own brands.

Ed. Palácio 5ª Avenida - Sede Lotas Brasil 

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São Paulo – Grupo Lotas, one of the most traditional in Brazil-Egypt trade, has transformed its Egyptian arm into a trading company to expand its operations and explore a larger range of products and business possibilities.

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The focus of the company in Egypt, which until last year was the commercial representation, became the attention of the needs of customers as trading, searching and distributing products from the most diverse sectors between Brazil and Africa.
“From 2021, the Group Lotas Foreign Trade in Brazil and Egypt, in its new evolution, seeks to bring together Egypt, Brazil and countries of Africa for an integration of exchange of convenient products between them, through the company Lotas Egypt for Foreign trade, based in the state of Giza, Egypt”, said to the report of ANBA in writing the president and owner of the company, Abdel Wahab Mansour.

“Since 2021, the Lotas Foreign Trade Group in Brazil and Egypt, in its new evolution, has sought to bring together Egypt, Brazil and African countries to integrate the exchange of convenient products between them, via the company Lotas Egypt for Foreign Trade, headquartered in the state of Giza, Egypt”, the company's president and owner, Abdel Wahab Mansour, told ANBA in writing.

“Lotas Trading’s new philosophy aims not to offer specific products for such markets, but to meet the needs of importrs of products and services from the other two markets in order to realize the integration in a practical perspective,” Mansour said. Lotas companies have always focused on the complementarity of the economies of Brazil and Egypt, and the business will continue with this philosophy in the new format, but exploring more widely the demands, which can go from fertilizers to food.

Lotas Brasil is mainly known for the trade of Egyptian cotton products in the Brazilian market and will continue with a strong presence in the branch as a representation. The company works bringing to the Brazilian market the Egyptian products of the sector, internationally recognized for quality. “Lotas Comércio Exterior Brasil offers unparalleled long-fibre Egyptian cotton for all market segments, i.e. 100% cotton wire for application in meshing, weaving, sewing, knitting and crocheting, as well as for pipe, thus guaranteeing exceptional quality,” Vasni Mantovani, Operations and Marketing Manager at Lotas Brasil, told ANBA.

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