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Lotas Brasil has been representing several Egyptian state and private textile companies of Egypt cotton on the Brazilian market since 1979.

Details about the famous Egyptian cotton Giza from the flower /fiber to the confections is in the Window below.

The Brazilian customers of Lotas de algodón de Egipto are listed companies for various applications, soon we hope to see your company on our list.

international import and export

Recently Lotas Brazil opened another activity in parallel, meeting the needs of the Brazilian importer from the Egyptian market of any other product besides Egypt cotton.

Taking advantage of the customs and financial advantages of the Mercosur protocol and Egypt’s confirmed participation in the BRICS group it involves. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa as members since 2008/2010 and the entry of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Arab Emirates, Argentina, Iran and Ethiopia from January 1, 2024, Lotas Egypt will be the effective arm of these operations for the Brazilian importer.

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